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Hello Hello!!

Welcome to the very first brand-spanking new edition of the The Ethical Pets Gazette. We hope that our little monthly paper will be much more than a boring old newsletter – we want to fill it up with interesting facts and fun! (and some important intellectual stuff too, yawn!)

This month, for example, we have a brand new Science Spot article, a heart-warming story about Rosie (our Ethical Pet of the Month) and an interview with Kevin - one of our Ethical Business Heroes! Then, there's a couple of special offers, Joey’s Animal Facts (which is the fastest animal?) and last of all Pippin (our grumpy old cat) speaks out against animal testing by the military. Phew! That's quite a lot of news! Do let us know how you get on!

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Hope you are all well, we are having a wail of a time here in the Ethical Pets office!

Love to all

Joey & Anna


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PPS - have a brilliant christmas everyone!!

Harmony and sustainability could be closer than you think:

Read our review of Radio 4′s “The Life Scientific” featuring Jared Diamond. Diamond argues that the cause of the development dichotomy between native tribal cultures and the west revolves around animals rather than genetics. What does this mean for the future of the West - could we learn to live in harmony with nature like the native tribes once did?

An Interview:

Read all about Kevin from Lakeside Ethical Treats: Kevin is a friend, customer and all round inspiring guru chap. He works 70+ hours a week and runs Lakeside Ethical Treats, the largest vegan sweet shop in the world... and he does it all to raise funds for West Midlands Vegan Campaigns!

Our Ethical Business: Ethical Life series showcases the everyday- superheroes running ethical businesses in the UK.

ethical pet of the month image

Rescued Rosie - Dec 2012

Read the heart-wrenching tale of Rosie Restored to health and dignity by Debbie and Paul, Rescue Rosie is our Ethical Pet of the Month. We first heard about Rosie when a very sleepy Debbie telephoned us needing some help with Rosie’s night-time panic attacks: soothed by our Mucky Pup Massage Oil and a Pet Remedy Plug-in, Rosie is now sleeping well... much to Debbie’s relief!


Christmas Offer..

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Life in the fast-lane...

Which animal is the fastest? The fastest animal on land is the Cheetah (61mph/98km/h), with the Pronghorn Antelope (60mph/97km/h) coming in a very close second, and the Lion third place (50mph/80km/h).

In the water the speeds get even greater, with the Sailfish reaching speeds of 101mph (68km/h). Marlin come in at a relatively distant second clocking 80mph (50km/h) and the Wahoo (78mph/48km/h) winning the bronze medal.

At the top of the animal time sheets, however, are the birds: in level flight the Spine-Tailed Swift is the Usain Bolt of the animal world recording speeds of 171mph (106km/h). Coming in second and third are the Frigate bird 153mph (95km/h) and the Spur-Winged Goose 142mph (88km/h).

The 171mph Spine-Tailed Swift is not the fastest an animal can naturally travel, however. The Tom Daley of the bird world, aka The Peregrine Falcon, reaches astonishing velocities breaking the 200mph mark when Diving - but that's gravity aided.

Have you got a question about animals? Email Joey and ask away!

Pippin (the grumpy old cat) says...

“As an angry cat, I have always been partial to a little warmongering.... in fact, my lightening-fast claws make your human weapons look puny and weak. While, as a cat-tator, I revel in the urge to cause pain – I am shocked by the lengths to which your human military would go! What joy can be held in causing suffering to mere swine and guinea pigs? What mirth is in testing chemical weapons and bombs upon their innocent and feeble forms? I vote we protest!

Donate to the BUAV: help stop the suffering!

About Pet's Corner: Our menagerie at Ethical Pets have a lot to say! Each month, one of them will get a little spot in the newsletter. Today, it was Pippins Turn – as she is the boss of everything! Soon you will get to meet Stella (a cat) who had too many toes, Emony and Ivy (also cats) who like a lot of love, Sasha the pirate and dapper-dandy Shep – our fabulous dogs – and if you are very very quiet, and listen very very hard, you might just about hear Mr Willis, Cliff or Hugo, our guinea pig, gerbil and hamster. 

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