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Happy new year and welcome to the second edition of The Ethical Pets Gazette. Did you have a good Christmas? Ours was lovely, but we are glad to be back to work – and there's lots of it to do!

This month, Anna is working on some video interviews; one with Dr Andrew Knight,a leading voice in the field of Vegan pet foods, and another with Libby Andrews from One Kind, who will be talking about puppy farms. Meanwhile, Joey is working on some business nuts and bolts; booking us into this years fairs and festivals, lots of accounting and adding more information to our product pages. Also, he is working on his MSc Dissertation – looking at what kind of accommodation is best for cats living in animal sanctuaries.... so it's all go go go!

In this months 'Gazette, our pooch Shep interviews the Dogs Trust about Jodie the Christmas miracle and we interviewed fairtrade style-gurus Riverflow Clothing. There is a great Science Spot article about the stress-relieving benefits of taking your dog to work, and also, you can meet Maggs, our Ethical Pet of the Month. Most importantly of all Joey's Animal Facts will make you feel slim and young (….compared to Whales and Tortoises)

Hope you are all well

Best Wishes

Joey and Anna

photo of maggs

Miraculous Maggs

Read about Maggs: from street urchin to photographers-princess! Now a cherished member of the Marshall family, Maggs arrived on their porch as a stray. Distressed, underweight and flea bitten, she insisted that they take her in and make her one of their own. Her perseverance paid off: she now has a luxurious life, mostly spent curled up in her soft and warm Ethical Pets bed.

Science Spot Logo

A Dogs Day (in the office)

Does leaving your dog at home when you go to work make you stressed? Could taking your dog to work reduce your stress levels? Could taking your dog to work reduce your stress levels below those of other people in your office? 

A bunch of clever scientists did some research – find out what they discovered in this months edition of Science Spot.

EBEL logo

An Interview:

Read about Riverflow Clothing: run by the Hupfield family, Riverflow sell “fairtrade clothes at fair prices.” Between home-educating their twins and travelling the waterways of England (with a garden atop their boat), these guys are pretty inspiring!

Our Ethical Business: Ethical Life series showcases the everyday-superheroes running ethical businesses.

special offer image

Free Wet Dog Food Sample

This month, every customer who places a doggie related order will receive a free Organic wet food sample too. Yarrah are just about as ethical as pet food can be: they are Organic, fairly manufactured in the EU, very nutritious and a veggie option is available too! We are really impressed with the skill Yarrah show in sourcing their products: they take Organic and compassionate farming standards to a whole new level.

litter tray image

New Year (New Litter Tray)

When your litter tray gets icky and old, why not replace it with a BecoTray? It looks just like a plastic tray, and lasts just as long too – but it's actually made from waste rice husks and bamboo. Disposing of it is a breeze: simply drill holes in the tray and bury it in your garden... it will even fertilise your flowers! What a fun way to shrink your carbon paw-print. This month, you will receive a free BecoThings Litter Scoop too – worth £2.99.

animal facts logo

Joey's Animal Facts

Last month was all about speed: this month we are looking at size and longevity. So, which are the heaviest and longest living animals?

Maxing out the scales are the Whales, and there are quite a few of them. The grand-daddy of them all, however, is the Blue Whale, weighing in at 190,000kg (29,919 stone). After the Whales come the Sharks, with the Whale Shark (11,800kg / 1,857 stone) being the heaviest of all fish. The weightiest of all land animals is the African Elephant at 5,000kg (787 stone) - beating it's Indian cousin (4,000kg / 630 Stones) in to third.

Next, to the wise old heads of the animal kingdom now. The creature which has the longest life expectancy are the marine clans with the fantastic name; Quahog (200.2 yrs). Second is the Giant Tortoise (150 yrs), just ahead of the Greek Tortoise (110 yrs). That should be enough to make everyone feel just that bit younger (and thinner!).

shep reporting live logo

Shep: Reporting Live

This month, Shep (our lovely rescue dog) interviews a nice lady about Christmas at the Dogs Trust. Read the full interview to hear all about the Christmas miracle at Glasgow Dogs Trust, and find out if people are getting dogs for life yet (and not just for Christmas).

About Pet's Corner:

The menagerie living at Ethical Pets have a lot to say, so each month one of the gang will get a little spot in the newsletter. Today, it was Shep's turn – he's a real gentleman, who likes plenty of ear-rubbing and an armchair to himself. You may have met the grumpy Pippin, last month, and soon you will get to meet Stella (a cat) who has too many toes, Emony and Ivy (also cats) who like a lot of love, Sasha the pirate dog – and if you are very very quiet, and listen very very hard, you might just about hear Mr Willis, Cliff or Hugo, our rescue guinea pig, gerbil and hamster.

Tell us which Ethical Pet you want to hear from next!